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Koldtec Halo – Headband

(Based on the users needs, lifestyle and preferences.)

Item Description:
Cold Therapy – a wearable band that enables you to apply ice to whichever areas of your head you choose during the course of a headache.

Source of Item:
Koldtec Website

Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS), Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS), Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH), Migraine, Chronic Urticaria & Autism

Personal Opinion:
I initially resisted buying a Koldtec Halo because they are relatively expensive. However, every time I had a bad headache, I wished I had an ice cap or some type of ice holding product so that I could have cold therapy on my head when I needed it most. Having purchased the halo, I wish I had done so when I first came across the product, the type of ice packs used come completely dehydrated and then you soak them yourself so you can control how thick they get so you can keep them thins so they sit very flat against your head or let them absorb more water and they’ll get very rounded as you’ll see from my photographs (I left mine in the water a little too long but if I want to thin them down then all I need to do is leave them somewhere warm and sunny indoors and the water will gradually evaporate off and then I can refreeze them once they’re thinner).

The band itself is really soft and stretchy, this means you can get the band to the right size and then just turn it inside out as you take it off your head so you don’t have to keep undoing and readjusting the velcro each time. The single long channel of mesh at the front and back also means you have complete freedom over where you place the ice, eg if you wanted to pull it down over your eyes you could place a strip of two pieces of ice at either end of the front string leaving a gap in the centre for your nose. The band is so soft and comfy also means that it’s still comfortable even when you only have ice on the front of your head eg for a migraine or on the back of your head eg to relieve tension headaches.

One of the other things I really like about the halo is that the tube that it arrives in is double-wall insulated so not only is it good looking packaging, it will actually keep icepacks cold for up to three hours so if you need to take some out with you or, in my case, want to take the second set of ice upstairs to bed with you for when the first lot starts to warm up, you can so do easily knowing they’ll stay cold.

So far I haven’t come across any negatives regarding using my halo and I managed to pick mine up when they were doing a free postage Friday and offering a free extra set of ice with every halo purchased which means I’ve got even more ice in the freezer waiting to be used which is a bonus as my memory is terrible so I’m likely to forget to return it to the freezer after using it! You do have to pay in Canadian dollars as the product was developed in Canada but you can pay via Paypal and then all the conversation is sorted out for you and the despatch time is actually quite quick as they have a distribution warehouse here in the UK.




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