NiCosy – Wheelchair Blanket

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Item Description:
Pink fleece blanket with two large pockets that attaches to back of a wheelchair and secures around the user’s legs with snag-free velcro.

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NiCosy Wheelchair Blankets

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Personal Opinion:
I have been using my NiCosy Wheelchair Blanket for over a year now and still love it just as much as I did back then! I have lost count of the number of blankets I have bought over the years, yet I never found something that ticks so many boxes. Some of my preferences include:
– keeping the front and back of my legs warm;
– can be used all year round;
– quick and easy to put on / take off;
– doesn’t get caught in my wheels;
– requires little strength and dexterity to use;
– can be machine washed without impacting the quality of the product;
– is small enough to fit into my backpack when not in use.

When using a NiCosy, you don’t have to worry about it slipping down or become trapped in your wheels, as the blanket fastens to the back of your chair with a strong buckle and secures around your legs with snag-free velcro. The sleek design doesn’t prevent you from being able to move/stretch your legs, which is particularly useful for people with muscle spasms and poor circulation. Plus it is made with a single sheet of hand-cut polar fleece fabric that comes with two large pockets, providing users with the perfect amount of comfort all year round. You can also fit the blanket underneath an additional wheelchair cosy if needed, although Jane (the founder and creator of NiCosy Wheelchair Blankets) recently started making a waterproof version, which I will review next.

Jane actually set up her business whilst caring for a friend in their later stages of life. It was during this time that she realised there was a gap in the market for a wheelchair-friendly blanket, which wouldn’t prevent the user from transferring and/or being hoisted. I personally think Jane did a fantastic job at creating a blanket that meets the needs of so many wheelchair users, but this probably stems from the fact Jane had the opportunity to understand the needs of her target market before producing the product on a larger scale!

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Jane at Naidex in2019, where she quickly took my measurements, colour preference and payment, before posting my custom made wheelchair blanket out to me a few weeks later! Although it is super easy to purchase your own made to measure blanket via the NiCosy website and/or order one of their standard-sized blankets. Both of which come in a variety of colours and patterns (I think there is now over 70 options to choose from), which I really appreciate as most disability-related products only come in black or beige. Each blanket also comes with an additional extension strap, allowing you to secure your NiCosy to other pieces of equipment or furniture you may use. I have been known to use mine in the car, on an aeroplane or during a hospital admission!

It is for these reasons that I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy to use, extremely versatile and high-quality product. It is convenient to transport, machine washable and great value for money. But best of all, it can be used in conjunction with most manual wheelchairs, powerchairs, mobility scooters and many other regular seats!




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