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RGK Tiga Sub 4 – Manual Wheelchair

(Based on the users needs, lifestyle and preferences.)

Wheelchair Description:
Chrome manual wheelchair, with a rigid frame and red accents. Quick-release, self-propelled wheels. Adjustable handlebars, which are also quick release. I opted for an additional raised footplate to be added several inches above the original footplate, meaning the lower footplate acts as a step up. There is also a hook on the lower footplate that attaches to a winch in my WAV.

Source of Wheelchair:
RGK Wheelchairs

Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bones Type 3)

Personal Opinion:
This is not my first wheelchair made by RGK. I love that this company can make to measure every aspect of the chair, as it makes it feel more personal. I really like knowing that they can ensure my chair meets my individual size and needs perfectly. They are a great company, but sadly I would say I didn’t receive the polished experience that I am used to this time around. They missed the delivery date they promised to meet, without informing me. They also didn’t fully grasp my requirements, so we had to make a few alterations ourselves to save the wheelchair being taken back to be amended. It is very scary not knowing what your wheelchair is going to look or feel like until it is made. So I guess you can never guarantee that the company has interpreted your request in the way you want. I am also disappointed with the fact I am lower down in comparison to my previous chair. Even though RGK said it was the same size, my wheels are slightly smaller, which is why I can notice the slight change in height. The biggest drawback is definitely the cost. The price is ridiculous for what it is. Being disabled is so expensive!

On the other hand, there are several things that I love about this chair, one of which is the extra zip compartment on the back of my seat rest. It is a decent-sized pocket, which comes in really handy to store dog treats and medication. It is also really discreet, so I feel like the things I put in are safe. I love the overall look of the chair. The chrome frame with red accents is super stylish and very eye-catching, which I think helps people to look at your wheelchair in a different light. They can see that it is something I am proud to sit in, as opposed to a boring black wheelchair that is big and bulky. Due to my short stature, I have to ensure my wheelchair is made to measure. So RGK took a lot of time to ensure every part would comfortably meet my needs and support my body. I have a standard seat cushion and a backrest that goes up to my shoulder blades. I chose handlebars that can be adjusted, meaning whoever is pushing me can ensure the handles meet their height, as opposed to being hunched over whilst pushing me. I have 9 spoke Spinergy Wheels, which makes it a very smooth ride.

I opted for an additional raised footplate to be added several inches above the original footplate, meaning the lower footplate acts as a step up. I also asked for the top footplate to be deeper than the bottom, so my assistance dog can step up onto it (allowing me to put on her harness, jacket etc) without having to move my feet out of the way. There is also an additional extension on the lower footplate that attaches to my freewheel; as well as the hook that clips onto a winch in my WAV. The wheelchair winch is an electric device that helps me to safely get my wheelchair in and out of my WAV, without needing to have someone there to help me. It also ensures I don’t fly down the ramp! Another thing RGK did to support my Assistance dog, was to customise her lead attachment so it was less bulky and out of the way.

I have used a wheelchair since I was 3, so I don’t know any different. But every time I go to purchase a new wheelchair technology has changed, so my needs can be met even more. This chair enables me to continue my everyday life and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a lightweight, manual wheelchair with a rigid frame that they want to personalise.




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