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Trekinetic GTE – Powered Wheelchair

(Based on the users needs, lifestyle and preferences.)

Wheelchair Description:
All-terrain wheelchair with three-wheel drive. A multi-speed joystick, adjustable footplate, folding push handles flip-up armrests and a bucket style seat that can recline.

Battery Life:
3-5 Hours Depending On Terrain

Source of Wheelchair:
Loaned From Beyond The Boundary Wheelchairs – A Trusted Trekinetic Supplier

* This product was provided by Beyond The Boundary Wheelchairs for review, but all opinions are my own. *

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

Personal Opinion:
Trekinetic clearly recognises the challenges associated with users needing multiple wheelchairs with different functions, something that is not physically and/or financially feasible for most people. Because of this, they worked with former Formula 1 engineer Mike Spindle to create a unique three-wheel drive system and carbon fibre chassis that can tackle all terrains, as opposed to only being useable off-road.

It is comfortable enough to use all day and capable of handling pretty much any terrain on the planet, including mud, sand, snow, and gravel. It‘s versatile enough to tackle gravel, split pavements, and curbs; whilst the Nickel Metal Hydride battery makes it suitable for air travel. (You can also opt for a manual version.) It is surprisingly light in weight for a powered wheelchair (34kg) with varying wheel camber, rear shock absorber and retractable armrests; making it easy to transport!

When it comes to using the Trekinetic GTE, it is worth noting that the centre of gravity is slightly different, but it is certainly not something you won’t quickly get used to. This feature then provides the wheelchair with optimal stability when going over uneven terrain. The carbon fibre seating is surprisingly very comfy and really supportive, which is a major selling point for me due to the instability in my spine. However, the seat can be customised further with various forms of cushioning, lining, and other support options such as a headrest. (Please see the blog post listed below for more information on the various customisation options!) The seat is typically slightly reclined, but it can recline further depending on the terrain/user preferences etc; which can be activated by flicking a switch on the back of the seat. (Trekinetic can modify this for users that are unable to operate this feature independently!) Together with the tilt in space mechanism and raising footplate, you can comfortably drive over the endless bumps that come with uneven terrain!

The controller has five-speed options, a USB charging point, and an easy to use joystick that doesn’t require much force to operate. The battery can be charged with or without being removed from the chair and can last between 3 and 5 hours depending on the terrain. Finally, there is a special system underneath the seat that changes the wheel camber! Due to the location of this feature, I needed some assistance, but found once I’d found my optimal position there was no need to continue altering the camber!

Using The Item:
Before creating this review, I wanted to test out the Treknetic’s every day and off-road capabilities, so decided to take the wheelchair to London for a busy weekend of socialising, hospital appointments and dog walks! I began by visiting a restaurant that normally has difficulty accommodating large, powered equipment due to the limited turning space. However, I had no issues taking the Trekinetic as you can practically turn it on the spot! I was also able to sit at the table alongside my partner, as opposed to being plonked on the end of the table and/or being unable to get my knees underneath. I then visited Hyde Parks Winter Wonderland, where I tackled flat, muddy, slippery walkways, steep inclines, busy crowds etc; all of which resulted in our previous visits being cut short, due to the fact my manual wheelchair couldn’t cope with the terrain. But this time I was safe and secure in a chair that could roll over everything! I was able to hang shopping bags from the handlebars, along with my BundleBean Wheelchair Organiser designed specifically to hold essential items, such as my water bottle, dog treats and emergency medication; all of which stayed perfectly in place whilst moving due to the excellent suspension system.

The following day I took a stroll/roll through the rest of Hyde Park, which has poorly maintained pavements, large grassy areas, and gravel. While at times it felt a little bumpy, the Trekinetic handled everything with ease, particularly when transitioning between surfaces! Sadly, due to the cold weather, my Dystonia kicked in and prevented me from being able to control the joystick during our walk back to the hotel, but thankfully my partner was able to flick the chair into manual mode and push me back! Making this is a perfect chair for people with unpredictable needs, whilst also providing you with peace of mind should the battery run out!

Our destination was the beach! A place I used to visit regularly prior to my health declining, as I live near the northeast coastline. But has since become impossible to access, forcing me to watch from afar as my family walks my assistance dog around her favourite place. Therefore, this experience was extremely overwhelming, liberating, and exciting, as I independently navigated the beach for the first time with my assistance dog. The chair had no problems tackling the hard sand, and wet puddle areas, and only slowed down slightly in the thicker areas!

I cannot praise this chair enough! Everything from the design, functionality and endless customisation options are fantastic! It is a huge investment, but I personally think that it’s worth paying extra to ensure you have a chair that perfectly meets your needs, wants and lifestyle!

When using the Trekinetic GTE, there are no limitations with regards to where you can take it. It is also EXTREMELY easy to transport in comparison to most powered wheelchairs, as it can be folded down with the wheels removed. Allowing my partner to lift the chair in the boot of my car, which is standard in size as opposed to being confined to a wheelchair accessible vehicle. However, you would probably need to install a hoist if you wanted to transport the chair by yourself!

For more information about the Trekinetic GTE, simply click the links below!

Trekinetic Website

Trekinetic Options




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