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Voxx Life – Neuro Socks

(Based on the users needs, lifestyle and preferences.)

Item Description:
White Voxx Stasis Athletic No-Show Socks

Source of Item:
Voxx Life

* This item was kindly gifted by Voxx Life in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. *


Personal Opinion:
My joints get very painful, stiff and swollen, meaning I often depend on pain killers to maintain my mobility. However, some of my milder symptoms can occasionally be managed using simple measures such as wearing suitable footwear, yet I have struggled to find something that genuinely made a difference to my pain levels. So naturally, I was quite sceptical about trying Voxx Socks, but was instantly pleasantly surprised!

According to the Voxx Life Website, there is a special tactile pattern woven into the socks designed to trigger a neural response in the brainstem, which in turn helps manage pain, improves mobility and enhances balance.

In addition to this unique HPT pattern, other features include:
– extra padding on the toes and heels for high impact areas
– venting above and below the toes to promote airflow
– keeps your toes cool, dry and less likely to blisters
– arch support to keep the socks nice and snug against the foot
– antibacterial properties to help fight strong odours

Using The Item:
As mentioned above, I was initially very sceptical about using this product as I couldn’t understand how a pair of socks would be able to offer the benefits promoted. But despite my hesitation, I proceeded to order the white Voxx Stasis Athletic No-Show socks as they seemed to be the most compatible with my choice of footwear, daily activity etc. They only come up to the ankle and are barely noticeable our when wearing trainers. They are also lightweight, comfortable to wear and well fitted.

Unlike most trainer socks, they don’t slip down underneath the heel and don’t have a ridiculously tight band around the ankle; both of which are a bonus to me, as I sometimes find it irritating and uncomfortable to wear for long periods. The specific coloured areas shown in the photos were particularly snug and supportive.

I began by wearing the socks over 4 consecutive days between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm, and despite the warm weather, my feet didn’t get too hot, clammy or irritated. As per the instructions, I hand washed and air dried the socks each day to maintain the neurological benefits. The impact osteoarthritis has on my daily life can drastically vary from day to day, meaning I knew fine well the socks wouldn’t have me skipping and cartwheeling by the following day, but instead could potentially help the pain in my lower back, hips and knees.

Over the 4 days, I went about my usual activities, such as household chores, running errands and walking my two dogs for a least one hour every day. In addition to caring for my daughter who lives with a complex disability, meaning my days are always busy, tiring and filled with a lot of physical movement. Although day 3 involved lots of out of ordinary tasks such as painting a wall, and deep cleaning.

I am pleased to report that during the first 2 days, even though I didn’t notice any changes to my background pain, which is a dull persistent ache; the sharp intermittent stabbing pains we greatly reduced! It was sadly once again noticeable on day 3, but this wasn’t a surprise as I was physically pushing myself with what I was doing. Something that typically comes with huge consequences the next day, particularly when climbing the stairs, going from lying to standing etc. So I was intrigued to see whether the socks made the aftermath easier to deal with, as opposed to the intense physical activity – which it did! Obviously, my pain was still present, but not quite as bad as it has been in the past following a physically taxing day.

I then decided not to wear the socks for the next two days to see what happened, and to my surprise, my pain levels instantly went back up. So I resumed the trial the following day, where my pain was once again present, but fewer flare-ups throughout.

I’m still not entirely sure how the technology behind this product works. Was I simply experiencing a placebo effect on the days I wore the socks? I don’t think so, but even if it was, I was able to go about my day with reduced pain flares. So I am keen to continue wearing my Voxx Stasis Athletic Socks to see if I experience any other benefits, as even the slightest bit of relief is a welcomed bonus! Obviously, I will update my review accordingly over time!

So far my only negative feedback would be the price, but if they continue to prove me wrong then I think they are a worthy investment! They also come in a variety of styles and colours to suit everyone’s individual needs, lifestyle and preferences, so I may even explore the option of wearing a longer version in the winter months!




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