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First of all, I must say that this post is not sponsored. I am just passionate about sharing information on products/services I have found beneficial. It can be quite hard to find something that not only meets your needs, but improves your quality of life. So I hope this post will allow some of you to discover a new product, or for those of you who have heard of Loopwheels, to learn a little more about them! 

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I have two Manual Quickie Wheelchairs. One is lightweight and perfect for daily living, the other has mountain wheels and a powered attachment for off road trips. It has taken me several years to learn about the different parts that can be used in conjunction with my chairs. Meaning I’ve had to spend a lot of time and money, figuring out what works best for me. 

My disability causes my spine to slip out of place, so the slightest bump triggers a lot of discomfort. Therefore, I was advised to put Carbotecture Forks called Frogs Legs on both of my wheelchairs. (To read more about my experience with Frogs Legs, CLICK HERE!) Depending on the surface, the vibrations that radiate through my wheelchair can cause a lot of pain. Because of this, I began looking into other ways to maximise my comfort levels, which was when I first discovered Loopwheels.

I remember being very impressed by the concept; as the wheels have standard tyres and push rims, but there are 3 loops replacing the spokes. The three loops work together as a self-correcting system. This spring system between the hub and the rim of the wheel provides suspension that constantly adjusts to uneven surfaces, cushioning the user from bumps. So technically, the hub floats within the rim, adjusting constantly as shocks from an uneven surface hit the rim of the wheel.

But it wasn’t until I met a lady with a pair of Loopwheels and saw how much they had helped her, that I knew I had to try them out. The lady suggested I sign up to the Loopwheels try before you buy scheme. This was something that immediately interested me, as I didn’t want to spend so much money on a device that might not work for me. It’s really hard to gauge if a piece of equipment meets your needs, by testing it in a shop for 10 minutes. Users need to be able to see how a device fits into their routine, if it makes certain activities easier and improves their quality of life. So thank you Loopwheels for offering such a fantastic service!

To sign up to the trial, I simply followed these steps:

1 - go to the Loopwheels website

2 - scroll down & click on the try before you buy button

3 - read about the benefits/rules of the trial before beginning 

4 - select the size of your rim; push rim offset; logo colour; push rim type; tyres & payment type

5 - proceed to payment & account information 

(You only pay £20 to cover the cost of delivery)

6 - the wheels are yours to try for 21 days! 

I couldn’t believe how quickly my wheels arrived. They were very well packaged, and came with a guide that showed me how to attach the wheels to different wheelchairs. Both wheels were in excellent condition and even came in the colour purple! You don’t get to choose the colour of the wheels you borrow, so this was a pleasant surprise. However, you do have the option to customise your forever wheels. This is something I found very appealing, as I like my wheelchair to reflect my personality. I hate that most medical devices come in black or beige, so I love being able to choose the colour of a product! 

It felt so good to be able to take the wheels for more than one spin. It allowed me to truly assess how I felt about them, and whether they worked for me. I tried them out in my home, on various outdoor surfaces; in hospitals, and even on my annual trip to Disneyland Paris. I must mention that Loopwheels don’t normally allow customers to take their trial wheels out of the country, due to the increased risk of damage. However, after explaining the purpose of my trip and my onboard arrangements, they were more than happy for me to take the wheels with me. I have had so many bad experiences with taking my wheelchair on a plane. So seeing as my wheelchair frame folds and the wheels can be removed, I now opt store it on board in the wardrobe and overhead lockers. I am very grateful that Loopwheels allowed me to travel with the wheels, because Disneyland was the ultimate test! You encounter such a wide variety of surfaces, transportation and activities whilst in the parks. So it was a great opportunity for me and my carer (who pushes my wheelchair), to see how much of a difference the wheels made! 

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Before your trial ends, you need to decide if you want to continue with your order. I honestly loved everything about these wheels. So much so, that I was dreading having to swap back to my standard Spinergy Wheels. I could now comfortably spend more time in my wheelchair, as there wasn’t as many vibrations radiating up into my seat cushion, back rest or handlebars. Something that also made life easier for my carer whilst pushing me. I feel like my chair now glides along, as opposed to rolls.

I genuinely never expected the wheels to be as good as the reviews made them out to be. Therefore, I hadn’t really considered how I might pay for them, as I had no intentions of being so desperate to buy a set. But I knew I had to find a way to keep the wheels, so I rang the company directly to see if there was anyway we could make the price a little lower. Typically if you want to continue with your order, then the payment for your brand new wheels will be taken at the end of your trial. The company then contact you about the collection of your trial wheels and post out your brand new set!

If the wheels weren’t for you, then you have to log into your Loopwheels account and cancel your payment plan. The company then contact you about the collection of your trial wheels, without questioning your decision. Something I would really appreciate if I had to terminate my order, because there is nothing worse than feeling as if you have to justify your decision!

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The whole experience was of a high standard and the customer service was excellent. When contacting the company, I always spoke to someone who was happy to help and considerate of my needs. In the end, I was able to purchase a set of Loopwheels; but instead of continuing with my order and receiving a brand new pair, I opted to keep my trial wheels for a discounted price. So I would definitely suggest getting in touch with the company via email, phone or social media if you have any questions; because they really do go above and beyond to help you. 

To conclude, I would highly recommend Loopwheels to anyone who is looking for a way to make their wheelchair more comfortable. The trial is a great opportunity for you and your carers, to see how much of a difference the wheels could make to your quality of life. 


Click on this image to go Straight to the loopwheels website and Enter Our unique Code at the checkout.

Click on this image to go Straight to the loopwheels website and Enter Our unique Code at the checkout.