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Life After Loopwheels

Nov 09, 2018

* This post is not sponsored, meaning all opinions are my own and no one has paid AYL to share this. *

Black Loopwheels logo with a teardrop icon to the left hand side.

After spending a lot of time and money modifying my manual Quickie Wheelchair, including switching to Frogs Legs Carbotecture Forks; the vibrations radiating through my frame continued to cause pain and discomfort. So, I began exploring alternative solutions to maximise my comfort levels, which was when I first discovered Loopwheels!

The concept is fantastic - instead of using standard wheel spokes, the looped design initiates a self-correcting system. Meanwhile, the spring system between the hub and rim of the wheel constantly adjusts. In simple terms, the floating wheel hub counteracts any shocks caused by an uneven surface hitting the rim of the wheel. Cushioning the user from bumps and reducing vibration.

Purple Loopwheels attached to a pink manual wheelchair. You can only see the users legs, which are wrapped in a matching fleece blanket.
Purple Loopwheels attached to a pink manual wheelchair on a bumpy bridge. You can only see the users legs, which are wrapped in a matching fleece blanket.

Despite this, I was still hesitant about spending so much money. But after meeting someone who had been using Loopwheels for many years, I was advised to check out the ‘try before you buy scheme’. An opportunity that instantly caught my attention, as it's hard to assess it a piece of equipment meets your individual needs based on a brief test drive or professional sales pitch. Instead, users need to assess whether a device fits into their daily routine, whether it makes certain activities easier and if it improves their quality of life. So thank you Loopwheels for offering such a fantastic service!

How To Sign Up To The Trial:

1 - Go to the Loopwheels website.

2 - Scroll down and click on the ‘try before you buy’ button.

3 - Read the trial rules before committing.

4 - Select your chosen rim size, push rim offset, logo colour, push rim type, tyres, and payment type.

5 - Proceed to checkout and enter account information, you initially only pay £20 to cover delivery costs.

6 - The wheels are yours to try for 21 days!

What Happens Next:

Upon ordering, my package was delivered within a few days. Using recyclable materials, it was easy to open yet protective enough to survive any manhandling. Information on attaching the wheels to different frames was also included. Both wheels were in excellent condition and even came in the colour purple! You don’t get to choose the colour of the loaner wheels, so this was a pleasant surprise. However, you do have the option to customise your forever wheels, which is a stark contrast to other medical devices that are only available in black or beige!

It was also hugely beneficial to have the wheels for an extended period, as it allows you to test them in various environments and over different terrains. For example, I trialled them at home, over various outdoor terrains; in hospital, and even at a theme park where I encountered a wide variety of surfaces, transportation, and activities. Providing a great opportunity for my carer and I to assess how much of a difference the wheels truly made!

4 photos of Lauren using purple Loopwheels and a pink manual wheelchair in different environments.
4 photos of Lauren using purple Loopwheels and a pink manual wheelchair in different environments.

Final Thoughts:

Before your trial ends, you need to decide how you want to proceed with your order. I loved every moment of testing these wheels; so much so, that I dreaded switching back to my standard Spinergy Wheels. I could now comfortably spend more time in my wheelchair, without as many vibrations radiating up into my seat cushion, backrest, or handlebars. Making it feel as if my chair now glides along, as opposed to rolls. I genuinely never expected the wheels to be as good as the reviews made out, so I hadn’t considered how I would pay for them. But I knew I had to find a way to continue experiencing such benefits, so arranged to pay via monthly instalments.

Should you decide that Loopwheels aren't for you, simply log into your account and cancel your payment plan - it's that simple! The company will then contact you about collecting the trial wheels, without questioning your decision. An appreciated level of curtsey for anyone wanting to terminate their order, because there is nothing worse than feeling as if you must justify your decision!

The whole experience was of a high standard and the customer service was excellent. The Loopwheels team were always happy to help and considerate of my needs. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a way to make their wheelchair more comfortable!




A pink banner with information on the writer of this blog, Lauren! Along with an image of Lauren sitting in a bright pink wheelchair smiling directly at the camera. Her fox red assistance dog is sitting to the left.