My Fight with Dyslexia

Hi, I’m Felix, one of the founders and directors of Access Your Life. I was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of seven, allowing me to access support from various Special Educational Needs departments during my entire education. Although, despite having several support services in place, my journey was still far from easy. It all […]

Life with Alzheimer’s

World Alzheimer’s Month is an international campaign dedicated to raising awareness, educating others, and highlighting the issues faced by people living with dementia and their loved ones. But as someone whose family has been impacted by dementia, I understand the importance of continuing such conversations outside of the awareness month. This is because education is […]

Disability Gift Guide

* Some of the links listed below are affiliated, meaning we receive a small commission if you make a purchase based on our recommendation. * I’m sure we can all agree that the upcoming holiday season is going to be very different, particularly for anyone isolating during a time typically spent with loved ones. With this […]

And So It Begins…

Welcome to Access Your Life! We are so excited to finally have a website that is available to everyone! When you have worked on something for so long, it is very surreal to suddenly see your company logo pop up on Google! Since announcing the launch date for this website, we have taken some time […]