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Attending Disability Expos For The First Time

The 2023 disability event season has officially begun! With multiple trade events, exhibitions, and road shows taking place in the coming months, we wanted to share some of our top tips. Something we learned from attending many events over the years, both as abled bodied exhibitors/visitors and those with disabilities, meaning we have a fair […]

My Fight with Dyslexia

Hi, I’m Felix, one of the founders and directors of Access Your Life. I was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of seven, allowing me to access support from various Special Educational Needs departments during my entire education. Although, despite having several support services in place, my journey was still far from easy. It all […]

The Blind Soapmaker

* This post is written by a guest blogger – it is not sponsored. * Access Your Life is known for encouraging and enabling people with disabilities to achieve a brighter future, whether they require physical or mental support. It’s for these reasons that I’m excited to work alongside AYL to support more people in […]

Mental Health & Self Isolation

For many people living with a disability, the coronavirus outbreak has lead to almost an entire year of self-isolation! Everyone has family and friends they desperately miss, public places they wish to visit and routine health services they long to access again. Meaning it’s understandable if you are struggling to see the positives, and perhaps […]

Spice World 2019

Last month I went to see the Spice Girls at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland and I am still in awe of how incredible the show was! I vowed never to go back to this Stadium after several awful experiences, but I couldn’t pass at the chance to see the Spice Girls live! To […]

100 Out Of 100

Some of you may have heard that Dr Phil (an American talk show host) recently claimed that #100outof100 interabled relationships FAIL! So I am jumping on the bandwagon to show the world just how inaccurate this statement is! When Felix & I first started dating, I was very hesitant to tell him the true extent […]

Harry Potter Studio Tour

You may have seen from our Social Media pages that we took a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Watford just before Christmas. I have always wanted to visit, but living in Newcastle makes the logistics of going quite difficult. But following an appointment at a London hospital, we decided to stop off […]

Dysautonomia Awareness Month

Did you know that October is Dysautonomia Awareness Month? A month dedicated to highlighting some ways in which the Autonomic Nervous System can malfunction, including Dysautonomia! Trigger Warning – As this post is aimed at raising awareness, I wanted to showcase some of the debilitating symptoms caused by Dysautonomia using raw images. They are certainly not the most […]

Wheelchair Positivity

Navigating the world in a wheelchair can be challenging, regardless of the diagnosis, but it gets easier with time. Allowing you to gain more confidence and better communicate your needs, but this doesn’t happen overnight. One of the ways I learned to stop dwelling on the negatives was by changing my perspective and focusing on […]